The class of your child participates


That the teacher of your child participates in the study means that the following requirements apply. The current version of is focused on German-French / French-German translations. The teacher of your child either teaches French to native German speakers or German to native French speakers. Other languages will be added in the near future. Teachers are advised to contact us, if they are interested in participating, but teaching another language than German or French.

Expenditure of time

The overall duration of the project will be four years with three years of continuous data collection. We are mainly interested in classes who are interested in participating for the total duration of the study. However, it is also possible to participate for shorter durations, should the teacher of a class only work with her / his class for a year or two. Importantly, the study is designed to minimally disrupt ordinary teaching schedules. Your child will not have more obligations than usual.

Good to know, you will not be required to deal with technical configurations and issues as parents. We have a team of professional scientists who are able to dedicate their full working time to the project. Thus, we are able to guarantee a high level of support during the entire duration of the study. This also guarantees that the teacher of your child can spend their precious time on more import things than configuring That being said, we are happy to assist teachers that will present the vocabulary that they wish to teach. Thus, your child gets a tailored-made vocabulary solution. There are two ways how the teacher of your child can participate in the study.

Option 1: The teacher of your child participates in the study by using the app

Using as part of language classes enables us to investigate different mechanisms how language apps can support the acquisition of new vocabulary. Specifically, the app incorporates established learning principles from cognitive science on learning and memory.

Option 2: The teacher of your child participates in the study without using the app

Participation without using the app enables us to compare academic achievements of classes which are using the app with classes which do not use the app. This comparison is critical to answer the question whether learning apps are beneficial beyond traditional learning approaches or if learning apps are even detrimental.

Get the teacher of your child on board

If you want your child to be able to participate in the study, forward the link to our website to the teacher of your child. We are always happy to support new classes.

If you want to contact us directly, please fill in the short contact form. We will also be glad to answer any questions that you might have.