Design of the study

The study follows an intervention design. At the beginning, we will test the children of participating classes with regards to language skills, attention, memory and similar mental function. Next, teachers are free to choose if and how they want to incorporate the app into their lectures. At the end of the school year, we test the children of participating classes again with the same tests that were conducted at the beginning of the study. This enables us to compare whether children from classes that use app acquire more vocabulary in the same time than classes that do not use the app.

For some of these tests we invite you and your children to our laboratory in Naters to measure brain waves during some tasks. You can see how such a test involving electroencephalography (short: EEG) looks like using the example of Ms Maya Burgener, host of the programme Bijoux.

Example laboratory test including an EEG.

Currently only available in German language.