Dear teachers,

Technology is pervading our everyday life, including classrooms and school-children’s homes. Whether this development is for the better or the worse, however, remains largely open. In the project “School of Tomorrow” we are investigating whether and how digital technology can be harnessed to benefit education. We focus on vocabulary learning and start with the question whether we can create smartphone & tablet app for which we can scientifically prove that it benefits vocabulary learning. The design of this stellar-learning.app is based on the following three pillars:

  1. teachers’ experience with teaching a foreign language
  2. software developers’ knowledge in developing reliable software
  3. cognitive scientists’ knowledge about basic principles of learning.

We rely on your support to find out whether and how such an app can have a beneficial effect on learning. You are welcome to be part of this study with your class, regardless of whether you want to integrate the app into your foreign language teaching or not. We particularly encourage technology-skeptical teachers to participate with their class to serve as comparison to the group of classes that are using the app. Regardless of whether you want to use the app or not, you make a contribution to scientific knowledge gain.

The project is financed by the Canton Valais, Department of Economics and Education, Office for Higher Education. For further information, please also refer to our Info-Brochure (PDF format, French/German).

On behalf of the the whole School of Tomorrow Team,

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Rothen and Prof. Dr. Thomas Reber

Exemplary screenshots of the stellar-learning.app